Broadcasting is an essential concept in the Cargo Server. Any changes to files and jobs in the Cargo Server are broadcasted to the clients (Cargo Dispatch). This means that each change is automatically pushed out to the clients instead of the clients asking for changes on a regular basis.

For this broadcast to work, the server needs a broadcast port on which the messages to the clients willb e delivered. When a client connects to the server, the client will also connect to this broadcast port and start listening to the changes in the items on the server.

The broadcast setup is used to enable communication from the server to the vaious clients.

The broadcast setup view

The server address is the address that the server will use internally to bind the port. This address must therefor be reckognized by the server itself as it's own address.

The port is the port that the server will open and clients may be connected to. This port must in the firewall setup be opened for incoming traffic on the Cargo Serverin.

The interrupted message is the message that will be shown in the clients if this broadcast suddenly drops (e.g. if the Cargo server is restarted).