Clean up settings

The clean up settings let you setup rules that automatically will remove items fulfilling the conditions you setup.

Only available for top administrators

This setting view is only available for the top administrator, i.e. only the administrator located in the top level in the Cargo users. Administrators located in sub groups do not have access to this setting.

The cleanup setup list

The Cargo clean up setting view

Several clean up rules may be added in the list. Each rule have the setup seen in the table below.

Setting parameter Description
Name The name of this rule. This is only for the human eye to recognize the setup in the list.

The only event currently available is 'File status'. This means that upon a certain file status change the clean up rule will mark the file for deletion or remove such mark. The extra setting for this event is to select what file status that is to be triggered on.

If there is a status called 'Archived' and that is selected, all the files getting this status will be set for deletion.

Action Currently the only action available is 'Delete'.
Action execution delay

Set the number of days of delay before the action actually executes.

Example: If the event is set for file status 'Archive' and the action execution delay is set to '2' days, each file that gets the archived status will be deleted after 2 days (if the files during these two days gets another status this original delete action will be removed from the file).

Delete empty jobs If this option is selected, the deletion of a file will check if the job to which the file belongs is becoming empty (without any other files) and if so, also delete the job itself.