The new metadata was introduced in Cargo version 2.3.

This new metadata handling requires some initial setup in Cargo Admin before the metadata can be used as expected. When updating an older Cargo system to the new metadata, old data needs to be analyzed and activated, i.e. transferred to the new repository on the Cargo Server. This is done with some tools in Cargo Admin automatically but needs a manual review of the data. Please read more about activating the new metadata and creating new metadata in the sections below.

The metadata setup is initially locked for changes. To unlock, click the red button found in the top right corner.

The setup view for metadata

The settings for the metadata is initially locked for changes. Any changes to the metadata will have large impact on the Cargo system. To enable changes to the metadata setup, click on the unlock button on the top right corner. The metadata fields may be overviewed without unlocking the setup but no changes can be made unless the setup is unlocked.

Updating your Cargo system to the new metadata

To update your old Cargo system to the new metadata the following steps are taken;

  1. Unlock the settings panel for metadata in Cargo Admin
  2. Analyze the old metadata (click the analyze button in the toolbar)
  3. After the analyze phase, add the new metadata (select 'add' in the dialog that shows after the analyze phase)
  4. Manually review all the metadata, remove unnecessary metadata fields and modify the rest to suit your needs.
  5. Activate metadata (click the activate button in the toolbar

Analyzing old metadata

If you are updating your Cargo system the old system will have metadata for each job and file in the system. This metadata will need to be transferred to the new metadata storage. Before activating the new metadata it is very importatnt that the old metadata is analyzed or the old metadata may be lost.

If there are old metadata in your Cargo system you will have the analyze button available in the top toolbar. You will also see a warning sign in the metadata setup view with information about how many jobs and files that still have the old metadata.

When you click the analyze button and starta analyzing the system will go through all the old metadata. Depending on the numbers of jobs and files in your Cargo system the analyze phase may take a while to perform. When the analyzing is done you will be presented with the number of metadata fields found in the system and you may in this dialog choose to add the metadata to the metadata list. Remember to manually go through all the metadata fields in the list to see that they are as you expect in terms of settings.

Adding old metadata will get default setup

When you add the old metadata from an analyze phase the metadata will get default settings. Make sure that you review these settings to suit your needs.


Activating old metadata

When you update a Cargo system from a Cargo version before 2.3 there will be metadata in the system which need to be activated, i.e. transferred to the new metadata storage.

The Cargo system will transfer all your old metadata automatically once you have made all necessary setup.

If you activate your metadata before you complete the setup there may be a loss of metadata in the system. Only data that is shown in the list of metadata fields will be transferred when activating your old metadata.

Before activating any metadata from an old Cargo version you should analyze and review the metadata setup, see section above.

When all the old metadata is analyzed and the list of metadata fields contains all the wanted metadata you may activate the old metadata by clicking the activation button on the toolbar.
N.B. The activation button is only visible if you have old metadata in your Cargo system.

During activation all the old metadata will be transferred to the new storage. There may be failure during this activation phase regarding metadata not conforming to the new setup. You may for example have set a new metadata field to be maximum 8 characters but the old metadata has a value which has a larger size. If this occur the activation will stop and you will be notified about which field that has invalid old metadata. You may at this point edit the old metadata or cancel the activation and edit the setup in the current metadata field, save the metadata setup and activate again. All old activation will not be affected. You may have to do this several time during activation to conform all the fields to the old metadata values.